Workshop - weekly meditations

Self development and spirituality classes through meditation



Each of these sessions is designed by our facilitators and therapists to provide you with well-being and give you the tools, the knowledge, provide support and join you to co-create what you choose.

Maria - workshop manager

With María Gordoa

Transpersonal human development facilitation therapies are a series of therapeutic classes that gives the tools for self-knowledge, the actions to take to change our reality and to heal everything that has been a discordant impact in our life that can be transformed. It is based on the most relevant power of every human being, which is spirituality.

Tania - workshop manager

With Tania Elías

Individual sessions of healing and integrative change through different techniques. Support for you to create and manifest the highest potential for well-being.

Andrea - workshop manager

With Andrea Arango
Mindful Eating

Experiment with techniques to achieve glucose balance and metabolic flexibility. I define my kitchen as conscious evolutionary nutrition. I Trained as an Industrial Designer, however since I was a child my passion is cooking. After a series of misadventures with my body and the way I eat, I learned to use food and my cooking skills as the best tool to heal.

Sound - workshop managers

Sound Journey Meditative Therapy

With Tania Elías and Rod Gordoa

A session of sound frequencies, medicine music and guided meditation absolutely for you. If you could create, manifest, release something to be that space of more freedom, what would it be? That’s it, what you just felt that feeling of expansion, that’s exactly what we’ll dedicate this session to.



Our retreats have been created to RECONNECT, rest, renew and realign you with your highest creative potential.

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Facilitated by: María Gordoa, Tania Elías, Rod Gordoa, Marjorie Charlton, and some special guests.