Bloom by VENA2

The series Bloom by visual artist VINA2 is the result of a visual interpretation of given formulas obtained through floral therapies.

Each art piece belongs to a personalized formula captured for a certain purpose. The translation of these formulas is developed by the longtime floral therapist and specialist Maria Gordoa Gil.

Bloom mandalas are the path to a personal encounter and detonate subconscious stimuli of well-being. Activating psychological, physical and emotional impulses. Which can be customized into your own personal mandala.



The first step to create your mandala is to take part in a personal consultation, which is based on the connection between the divine spirit of the flowers and a guided meditation.

This meditation awakens intentions in order to transcend towards a spiritual and loving journey, that can be personal, for couple, family or collective. From the consultation evolves the unique formula for composing your mandala.

Each flower represents an intention. All together evoke the divine expression of your life in the form of sacred geometry.

Every format, technique and application can be customized upon request:

Gold, silver, copper, bronze, marble, aluminum, acrylic, stone, paper, ceramic, wood.

Airbrush, digital print, laser cut, router cut, wrought, engrave, carve, polish.

Lattice work, mirrors, floor mosaics, forge, domes, doors, jewelry, paintings.


“There is no other redemption for humankind than acknowledging its own divinity”.

Luis Díaz Gordoa

Co-Founder/Art Director

Luis Díaz Gordoa A.K.A VENA2 was conceived in 2002 as an art concept that perceives the creative process as a journey in which the sacred permeates and shapes the profane world; using nature as a medium for communicating with the divine.

In 2009 he was invited to show his work in Japan. In the same year he also exhibited his work in New York City. In 2011 he had a major exhibition in Casa Luis Barragan, where he presented for the first time the leading concept of his work: the nature of water and its power of transformation. In 2013 he was invited again to Japan to display his most recent collection: FLORECER (Bloom).

His work includes building façades, mural interventions, sculptures, large format prints, silkscreen, and hand drawings. Exploring the versatility in materials and techniques has been his main strength; VENA2 finds in nature his principal source of inspiration.