Casa Florecer temple is located in the Sierra de Cruces Mountain Range, in the Desierto de los Leones National Park, 45 minutes from the center of Mexico City. This Park is the oldest protected biosphere in Mexico. With only a handful of properties built in this National Forest, this meditation temple lends itself to the magic and power of all that Casa Florecer has to offer.


This architecture of this peaceful sanctuary is distinctly unique, with circular curved wooden roof tops, reminiscent of an enchanted hobbit house. The main salon, where courses and workshops are held, looks over an incredible forest view. The salon is sheltered by the curved teak roof and glass inlay that allows the light to filter in and warm the interior salon. In turn, when the rain falls, it creates a mesmerizing visual experience and generates a rhythmic meditative beat. The salon is complemented by an enormous fireplace, which is the heart of many magical journeys and an enchanted complement to sessions and workshops.

The exterior patio, flanking the property, is home to many Casa Florecer workshops, courses, concerts, and events. Watched over by a massive antique fireplace, with a tall chimney, that warms the participants and gives a sense of comfort and grounding during many events and ceremonies.
This beguiled patio has an incredible 360-degree view of beautiful varieties of Pine trees that emanates incredible fresh energy and delivers an incredible uplifting aroma experience that transports participants to another world.

This hidden and magical Consciousness Center, Casa Florecer, is supported in all that it creates by the surrounding magical forest and whimsical architecture which aids all participants to tap in and transmute this miraculous energy, while co- creating with nature and sharing the curated experiences that Casa Florecer has on offer.

Our Temple

If you are a therapist or consciousness facilitator and would like to use our spaces to host your workshop or event, be sure to write. Our doors are open.