Amor Alma

Taught by: Orin Channeled by Sanaya Roman, Transmitted by Germán Villalobos, Facilitated by Maria Gordoa Gil

Weekly course taught through meditation where you will carry out internal work that will guide you to awaken the centers of the heart and to merge with your soul. To live from your soul’s perspective and to learn from all your soul’s wisdom.

Workshop duration 5 months of weekly sessions lasting 1.5 hours each. Transmitted through meditation. A binder is delivered with your work and weekly practice and the written meditations so that you can continue practicing them guiding them with your own voice.

Awakening your heart centers

This is a lightwork on the inner planes that will guide you to awaken your heart centers and blend with your soul dimension. As you do so you will be able to relax into serenity, expand into unity, experience the will to love and release those thoughts and feelings that do not allow you to love yourself and others.

 – Making contact with your Soul: Awaken the consciousness of your Soul which is the essence of your being and evolve your personality. Learn to distinguish between the dimension of your soul and that of your personality.

– Blending with your Soul: Activate your heart center with the light of your soul. Dissolve, transform and evolve everything within you that does not reflect your true self.

-Soul Links: Learn how to connect with others on a soul level to radiate love and transform your relationships. Recognize when your love is being received, learn how to intensify your transmission and know when to stop the emission of love.

-The serenity of love: Experience serenity as you radiate the qualities of a love that is magnetic, transparent, and unconditional, as well as amplifying and accepting.

-The unity of love: Awaken your head center and connect with the unity of which you are a part. Make the energies between you and others more beautiful and full of light. Stay in harmony with the universe.

– The Will of Love: Activate the hidden point of your plexus center radiate to yourself and to others a consistent, stable, soft, patient and forgiving love.

-Surrendering to love: Raise the energy from your solar plexus center to your heart center. Free yourself from having to respond to negative energies, let go of power struggles and learn to stay in your center even when surrounded by other people’s energies.

-Soul Love: Circulate light between your heart centers to move you into a state of soul love, connecting with the universal presence of love and knowing that the universe is always working with you and for you.

Sanaya Roman and Orin

Sanaya has been channeling Orin for over 25 years. Orin is a wise being of light that Sanaya connects through conscious channeling.

 Orin says that he is working with us in these times as humanity is going through a stage of transition and awakening. He is here to help people find their spiritual power, open their hearts and create greater happiness and peace in their lives. lives. His work is focused on helping us transform our emotions and personalities, so that we can evolve into a higher consciousness during these times of transformation. His main message is that the universe is friendly and limitless, that everything is happening perfectly for our own good even when we are unable to understand why and that we can choose to grow through joy. Sanaya has published many books and currently teaches seminars, all on how to develop your potential, find your inner vision, and spiritually grow.

María Gordoa Gil

Co-Founder / Pioneer Principal

Maria’s life has been dedicated to making spirituality her guiding force. Her devotion to sharing her discoveries and knowledge with others, allows us to be reminded of our greatness of spirit and that we can all be United in the Joy of Living. 

Throughout more than 35 years of a journey dedicated to learning and facilitating, Maria has created her own methodologies including: Transpersonal Human Development, Flower Reiki and numerous healing and development workshops, which spark all that we find within, and assist us in developing our true spirits and joy in our daily lives.

(Click here to know more about her workshops) 

Maria also channels flower’s energetic properties along with and her son, Luis Díaz Gordoa; aka: VENA2, who translates it into art. This combined energetic collaboration has resulted in the creation of Florecer’s Healing Art, a corner stone of Casa Florecer.

Casa Florecer · Healing Art

Currently, Maria´s healing and energetic work has reached new heights, she is now on a path to bring unconditional love frequencies to heal the earth. This year she is travelling the world (33 locations) and opening energetic vortexes to download higher and more coherent frequencies. 

With her continued vigilance and dedication to attracting new energies and intelligence to share with the Casa Florecer community, Maria is the matriarch and keeper of the essence of Casa Florecer.

If you have a group of at least 10 people and are interested in receiving this workshop created by Orin and Daben, channeled by Sanaya Roman and transmitted by María Gordoa.

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