8 SESSIONS · Workshop transmited through deep meditation.

Created and Facilitated by Tania Elías.

Why did I create this workshop?

Dreams have been with me all my life. Believe it or not, since I was a baby, I liked to play in them, go visit people, move around. When my mom asked me anything, very often my answer was: Mom, in what life are you saying? In this one or the other?

I have the gift of being able to remember all my dreams, every day. Sometimes they stay with me for much longer. When I’m dreaming, very often maybe once per night, I can go where I choose and do what I want. For example: fly or change the outcome of my dream.

In the world of dreams, we have no limits. That’s where I really know myself. That is where my teachers are and where I have learned most of what I know. When they ask me about my teachers: Who has made me discover my gifts, create more? I don’t know how to explain because most of them are there in the realm of dreams. I have had several seasons of training. That through dreams or rather “interdimensional travel” I was trained to heal and create things with energy.

I love my path. But I can tell you that it has had many challenges. There were some days when I woke up so tired. Because I had dreamed so much at night that I didn’t rest. Back then, I slept with my hand under the mattress so that perhaps for that day I would not to take off and rest.

One day a friend told me: Why don’t you tell your guides that you do want to continue learning but that your body requires rest? I did and from that day, there was an integration.

I like to share this, teach others to conquer the world of dreams because we really solve, free and conquer many things in it.

About a year ago I realized that it was time to open this part of me, because if there were no limits, I would tell you that dreaming is my greatest talent.

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Facilitated by:

Tania Elías- Meditation Master 


8 sessions every Monday, starting March 27 and ends on May 15th.