In these times of energy changes that are so important for the earth and the cosmos, as humanity we have the opportunity to create awareness. Since as the planet Earth is ascending towards the Light, so humanity has to begin to vibrate in higher dimensions. To become Unity, we need to heal on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and spiritual.

Magnified Healing® It is a high dimensional frequency healing modality that manifested under the intervention of the Enlightened Master Kwan Yin for the spiritual growth of humanity and the earth. A constant flow of energy is established from the heart itself to the Source, the Most High God of the Universe, then down to the diamond in the center of the earth. The bond awakens in the person a deep and profound longing to remember and reunite with their own inner God, and it is this longing that begins the process of ascension of the person. It was transmitted to Kathryn Anderson and Gisèle King in the summer of 1983 by Lady Master Kwan Yin. The year they gave their first Magnified Healing workshop was September 1992.



In my experience Magnified Healing is a subtle frequency of infinite love and infinite mercy, compassion, and forgiveness that is more than adequate and necessary in these times, to radically support our evolutionary process. It helped me to integrate my three physical, mental and spiritual bodies, giving me greater health in every way, it is a true blessing and Divine gift.

Magnified Healing® is God’s gift of grace and unconditional love to humanity. Its essence is the co-creation with God of the energy of Magnified Healing® and the initiate, instead of channeling the energy, becomes it.


The Magnified Healing® teachings consist of two healing modalities – 1st class workshops. Phase and 3rd. Phase . A Celebration workshop and a Master of Teaching training are also offered. Magnified Healing® workshops are taught at four levels:


1st workshop phase covers two full days (14 teaching hours, not including meals and breaks).
Vibrational modalities such as Reiki, Light Touch, etc., are not required to learn the Magnified Healing® teachings. The workshop manual is available in 14 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Croatian, Greek, Finnish, Turkish, Chinese, Farsi and Hindi.

The official Magnified Healing® manual is given to students at the beginning of the workshop. At the end of the second day, they will receive the Initiation, the Official MH Certificate signed by the teacher, a bottle of the Essence and a Practice CD.

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