Mindful Eating Sessions with Andrea Arango

I experiment with techniques to achieve glucose balance and metabolic flexibility. I define my cooking as conscious evolutionary nutrition.

Andrea Arango

Chef Biohacker / Wellness Coach

Experiment with techniques to achieve glucose balance and metabolic flexibility.

I define my cooking as conscious evolutionary nutrition.

Although I trained as an Industrial Designer, since I was little my passion has been cooking. After a series of misadventures with my body and the way I eat, I learned to use food and my kitchen skills as the best tool to heal. I found my vocation by certifying myself as an Image and Comprehensive Wellness Consultant.

After fifteen years of experience in the area of ​​food and beverage production, practicing many sports and becoming certified as a Microbiota and Intestinal Health Consultant

Now I dedicate my life to hacking my habits and those of the people who look for me to optimize their diet.

In private practice consultations, classes and workshops I provide practical and creative solutions so that menus and recipes provide the necessary nutrition to achieve wellness goals based on biohacking techniques.


I am doing the program and learning to eat healthy. Andrea is accompanying me in this task and is teaching me how to do it, the truth is that I am happy, with the way I eat, I feel very energetic and happy and thanks to Andrea’s advice and teachings I know that I am going to reach my goal …


I, 63


I took this program with Andrea because I know her from the Comprehensive Welfare Diploma of the Colegio de Imagen Pública, and the information she shared with us at that time seemed very interesting and important to implement in our day-to-day lives. His recipes are extraordinary, super nutritious and most importantly, delicious; so I knew I couldn’t miss your show, Thank you Andrea for everything you shared 🙏🏻


M, 43


I have released rigidities and I have gained awareness, not only in my own relationship with food, but also in my relationship with my body, what I eat, how much and when I eat it; now I am more aware of what I am doing when I eat, if I really need food, hydration, or even a hug.

I can now tell when my body is truly hungry and not my mind or emotions. In this program I have discovered emotional spaces of myself and it has nourished me very deeply.

I have discovered many of the causes that lead me to compulsive eating. I have learned to be vigilant and pay attention to the way I eat. Now I understand much more my relationship with food. It has also been a very important learning, because it is very clear and complete. It has made me reflect a lot and has helped me understand the emotion-food relationship.

I appreciate your love and dedication, I appreciate everything you share with me, I love cooking with you and being with you. Food has been an important topic in my life and I come and go and you don’t know how much I appreciate your company and dedication on this path/process.

MD, 31