Tania Elías



A facilitator of meditation, integrative flower therapy and different techniques for expanding consciousness. Her passion and life mission is service. To accompany others to discover themselves and live from the limitless.

She works where balance and change come together to co-create realities where we all express our highest purpose.

Tania has several gifts, the gift of listening, the gift of kindness and generosity, the gift of sweetness and unconditional love, the gift of loyalty and simplicity. She has the kindness to spread a space of peace and joy wherever she goes.

She is a person with highly developed psychic abilities and extraordinary intuition, since she was a child she learned to detach herself from her body to explore other subtle planes, her ability to play the piano and to sing is thanks to her absolute pitch. She loves to travel in dreams and play in other dimensions. Hence, her beautiful ability to help people to heal energetically in an integrative way in all planes and bodies.

Some of her certifications and studies: Integrative Medicine, Emotion Code, Access Conciousness Bars, Thetahealing, MTC, Floral Therapy.

She is a facilitator of Meditation, Energy Medicine and Floral Therapy at Casa Florecer. Accompanying others to discover themselves to find the space of wisdom within themselves because from there, transformation occurs. One of her favorite phrases is: your body has wisdom, listen to it, discover it.

At Casa Florecer Tania is one of the most dedicated, creative and valuable people for the development of the center, she is co-creator.

She is in charge of making things happen and flow., She has developed Workshops that integrate energy medicine and intuition development (Energetics Level 1 and 2) as well as direct participation in consciousness projects such as Infiltration, Breathe and PAZYLUZ. Today she is writing her new workshop SoulDreaming, to create realities through dreams. She also has supported the development of the workshops created by Maria Gordoa (Casa Florecer main founder): Rebirth, Raíz, Un duelo en Paz and Amor Alma, among others like Amora.