Rodrigo Díaz Gordoa


Rod Gordoa creates from the experimental exploration of sound. He takes his inspiration from nature, self-knowledge and the freedom to BE. His music transports, the frequencies he uses, form passages that invite you to travel. They are a propitious space to enter our interior, as an enhancer of meditative processes, and introspection. He likes to use the properties of different frequencies for specific purposes. Rodrigo creates harmony by emulating a natural environment combined with layers of sound texture.

He was part of the music industry in Mexico as a band manager and producer of concerts and related events for more than 10 years. In 2016, he was presented with the opportunity to apply his experience and continue learning from his family and partners in the Casa Florecer project center that was founded as we know it so far in 2017. Rodrigo is a developer of ideas, manages the project and evolves together with him and those who make it up. Some events that he has co-produced in Florecer are PAZYLUZ, BREATHE, EMPTY INFILTRACIÓN and SOUL DREAMING

His music takes place in the meditations, awareness shows and immersive experiences that he co-creates, either live or in sessions recorded in the studio, it is he who gives life to the sound and ambience that accompanies the visualization of everything that Casa Florecer offers.

His main passions include photography, experimentation through video and editing, his main inspiration: nature, his dogs and mountain biking.