María Gordoa Gil

Co-Founder / Pioneer Principal


Maria’s life has been dedicated to making spirituality her guiding force. Her devotion to sharing her discoveries and knowledge with others, allows us to be reminded of our greatness of spirit and that we can all be United in the Joy of Living. 

Throughout more than 35 years of a journey dedicated to learning and facilitating, Maria has created her own methodologies including: Transpersonal Human Development, Flower Reiki and numerous healing and development workshops, which spark all that we find within, and assist us in developing our true spirits and joy in our daily lives.

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Maria also channels flower’s energetic properties along with and her son, Luis Díaz Gordoa; aka: VENA2, who translates it into art. This combined energetic collaboration has resulted in the creation of Florecer’s Healing Art, a corner stone of Casa Florecer. CASA FLORECER HEALING ART

Currently, Maria´s healing and energetic work has reached new heights, she is now on a path to bring unconditional love frequencies to heal the earth. This year she is travelling the world (33 locations) and opening energetic vortexes to download higher and more coherent frequencies. 

With her continued vigilance and dedication to attracting new energies and intelligence to share with the Casa Florecer community, Maria is the matriarch and keeper of the essence of Casa Florecer. 

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