Luis Díaz Gordoa

Co-Founder/Art Director

With more than 25 years of experience creating visionary art, Luis illustrates the full meaning of an intergalactic genius. Also known as VENA2, he is an explorer of other dimensions, specifically travelling on the sixth plane, bringing back sacred geometry and the full spectrum of colors. 

VENA2 oversees all essential facets of beauty at Casa Florecer, including creating the artwork that is the face of Casa Florecer and using the energetic pieces within our home & lifestyle product line and numerous commissioned projects. His collaboration with Maria Gordoa has created a world where flower therapy and sacred geometry meet, rendering a magical tribute to the plant kingdom. His gift to illuminate and illustrate the magnificence of nature, specifically flowers, revealing their healing vibrations both on a physical and metaphysical level is an essential part of the ethos of Casa Florecer. His pieces emanate harmonic frequencies to any space. We are in awe. We have the fortune of experiencing the echo of his work in Casa Florecer. 

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VENA2 Healing Art – Casa Florecer Lifestyle Products