Life Celebrations & Ceremonies

We are happy to celebrate life with you.

All our ceremonies are custom made, for each person, motive and moment of life. It is a pleasure to celebrate with you transcendental moments. Accompanied by music and sound frequencies.

Some ceremonies that we love to facilitate are:

Sacred Cacao Ceremony


Using the effect of the sacred cocoa, we will make through meditation the blessing of the cycle, of the total experience of the Being. Cocoa is the medicine of the heart. A ceremonial circle of connection with the sacred that dwells in our own hearts.

You can choose between 2 preparations for the ceremony.

  • Traditional Mayan Cocoa, from a sustainable community,
  • Pure cocoa mixed with a tisane of herbs and spices, for different purposes.

Our Cacao is loaded with harmonic frequencies and Floral medicine with our formulas (within the Cacao) to evoke inner joy, choosing in harmony for each ceremony.

Duration: 2 hours

Birthday Celebration


Birthday ceremonies are co-created with those closest to the person that we are celebrating. Our goal is to facilitate an experience to honor and celebrate their life. When we bless someone, the blessings arrive first to ourselves. Taking into account that we cannot give, without receiving first.

We do it through various tools. Oracle Reading plus drinking Ceremonial Cacao or a special Infusion, we give thanks with an open heart, releasing what is being left behind, honoring your life path, closing cycles and opening towards the new in divine manifestation.

The guests can bring a symbolic present, a letter, flowers, a quartz or some special natural object to put on the altar, which is charged during the ceremony and that the person we are celebrating receives it with all that energy.

Duration: 2 hours

Baby Bleesing


These ceremonies can be done at any time in a baby’s life.


Through a guided meditation, the parents call the soul of the future baby and know it energetically. They can feel her presence, sometimes perceive messages or get a sense of the future baby. It is the beginning of conception or birth contract.

It is one of the most beautiful ceremonies that we have had to witness. For parents only.

Duration: 1 hour

Shower of Love


We prepare for the arrival of the baby. It is a ceremony where through meditation we tell the baby what his/her family is like. Each of the assistants speaks to both the baby and the parents. What does it mean for them to receive the baby in their lifes, to get to know him/her? We go to the plane of the soul and we all program the birth. 

The baby’s system is ordered for his/her arrival. Old programs, beliefs, paradigms or systemic vows that are chosen are balanced or if necessary broken/canceled before their arrival. The baby takes all the strength and love of his/her lineage.

Each guest can bring a letter and a symbolic present for the baby or its parents, which will be charged during the ceremony and delivered at a very special moment for the parents.

Duration: 1 hour

Shower of Joy


This ceremony is to give thanks for the arrival of the baby. All close beings are invited to celebrate. During the ceremony, through a guided meditation, the baby’s gifts are summoned, in an energetic activation from each attendee.

The ceremony is short, the important thing is the congregation of loved ones in celebration of the baby with delicious food.

All baby ceremonies are accompanied by a candle to turn on the baby’s light, flowers (living floral therapy formula) and a very special tisane.

Ceremony: 1 hour


Total celebration time: 4 hours

AMORA Love Ceremony


Amora is a rose petal bath session. Which in a subtle but effective way, opens your heart, your physical body and all your energy bodies to receive.

What will you receive?

Unconditional love. A surrender to love.

A session for you, with your own self. So that you remember how it feels to receive completely, with the best teacher, mother nature, love in action through the medicine of roses.

Duration: 2 hours

These are just some examples. Feel free to imagine yours!

Celebrate important occasions with your family and friends.

Write to us. Let’s start co-creating yours.

Facilitated by María Gordoa, Tania Elías, Rod Gordoa and other guest musician and facilitators

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